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LBA Insurance is fortunate to work with a broad range of successful businesses and organizations. We invite you to read what some our clients have said about working with us, and look forward to learning more about your needs.
I have had the distinct pleasure of working closely with Lior Avishay and the employees at LBA Insurance Services. For the past several years, I have been working with Lior and his staff, as an extension of his agency.
Eichberg Associates has been invited into many of Lior's accounts as their casualty insurance broker. My experience with Lior's clients is the same in all cases - His clients cannot say enough good things about his service and the professional care he gives each and every account.
Eichberg Associates has been in the casualty insurance business for more than 30-years. We pride ourselves on providing unmatched service in our industry. It is nice to work with an agency like LBA that also believes in giving their clients the best service available in the employee benefits area!
Peter Eichberg
Eichberg Associates
Thanks for the information and even more thanks for your high level of professionalism. Too bad we do not have more businesses like yours.
Dale D. Gramaje, CFO/Director of Finance
Salesian Boys and Girls Clubs
I am proud to have Lior representing our products. He always serves his clients with integrity, energy, and great knowledge of the insurance business.
Debbie Vaillancourt
VP - Blue Cross Of California
Thank you very much for expressing your concerns with respect to customer service. We can honestly say that any issues that we have had have been handled in an efficient and speedy manner. This is regarding both our health and workmen’s compensation coverage with you. It has been a pleasure to work with you.
For the record, we have been in the machine shop business for 53 years. At this location for more than 50. Time flies when you are having fun! We had been with another company with poor service for one year before becoming a client of LBA.
We anticipate conducting business with LBA for a long time in the future.
Alan Ishii, Owner
George-David Co. Inc.
Personally, I always make the best efforts to return e-mails and voice messages promptly; I consider customer service to be paramount.
Clearly, Lior and his staff feel the same way – and that has been a refreshing change from my past experiences. I highly recommend LBA to any business executive looking to make his or her life a little less stressful.
LBA has earned their stripes with us. Thanks for being there and always making us feel as though we’re your most important customer.
Joe Desens, General Manager
Vege-Kurl, Inc.
When I first began working with LBA, I realized it was an agency dedicated to knowing their clients’ needs and most interested in providing a valuable service to their customers. I remember Peggy Simon saying "There is no other place where my employer trusts me to get so much done for my client" and, "My employer believes that treating his employees well is the right thing to do."
Two separate comments but both very indicative of the empowerment employees feel when they work at LBA.
Adrien Darbouze, Sales Manager
Principal Financial Group
Your personal service is always in the best interest of your clients. I have found you to be honest and trustworthy. I would recommend LBA Insurance with your personal touch of service to anyone. I wish you continued success and growth.
Kathy S. Miller, Controller
Environment Associates, Inc.
It has been a pleasure working with LBA for our insurance needs. LBA has been extremely proactive on our behalf, and has helped us reduce our rates. LBA's staff is knowledgeable and easily accessible. Thanks for all of your help.
Chad Hess, Vice President
Marathon Industries Inc.
We appreciate everything your team has done for us. They always go beyond what they need to do. It makes all of us feel very comfortable & safe to know we can count on you guys.
You are very blessed and fortunate to have people working for you that really care about all your customers. They work as if it’s their own company and that is very hard to find these days. Thanks again to Peggy & Pam for all their help and patience!
Debbie Sherman
Newman and Sons
Moving forward, together.
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